Marco Glaviano

Marco Glaviano is the quintessential photographer of the super model and has been operating within the fashion world for over twenty-five years. His work has appeared on the pages of such magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle. Although he has adopted the language and cruel technology of visual domination, Glaviano's work has been distinguished from slick fashion propaganda, as he has focused on the figure as a subject rather than an object. For example, in his photographs the curve of the human body rhymes gracefully with outlines of trees, mountainsides, and sandy beaches, conveying universality as humanity and nature sensually merge. Glaviano slows the process of viewing dramatically, as seeing becomes gazing and figure study becomes sublime subject matter.

However, in his recent work, entitled "Anamorphosis", Glaviano takes on a daunting task of renouncing the fashion world's art of visual domination, by reaching into his own personal artistic roots. A great nephew of the Futurist Gino Severini, Glaviano grew up surrounded by the Italian avant-garde, and was always fascinated with the process of transformation. Glaviano's relationship to Futurism reveals an interesting aspect of photography that demonstrates how Cubistic structure echoes the endless search for the right image: Glaviano exposes all the varying angles and planes as his eye zigzags through space. As in Futurism, Glaviano is obsessed with the glorious transformations and underlying structures of diagrammatic viewing. Furthermore, Glaviano is obsesesed with the flourescence, science and wondrous technology of the computer and its modern "anamorphic" abilities - like the Futurists' praise for the coming of a new technological utopia.