Eric White

Born 1968, Ann Arbor, Michigan; lives and works in New York. 

Eric White is an American visual artist based in New York.  He received a BFA degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1990 and served as an adjunct professor at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 2010, The New York Foundation for the Arts awarded White a Painting Fellowship.

White's extensive body of work includes paintings, drawings and sculpture. His paintings are derived from disrupted, cinematic moments where his subjects vacillate between character immersion and audience interaction: the landscape of the film set is just out of reach to the viewer. His work is centered around carefully executed figurative paintings, revealing influences of traditional Surrealism, neo-Realism and Conceptualism. "The paintings and drawings," writes art critic Leah Ollman of the Los Angeles Times, "strike a resonant chord -- nostalgic and at the same time also vaguely futuristic, even dystopian. White, based in New York, has a devilish sense of humor.” 

White’s paintings have been shown in prominent contemporary art galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Copenhagen, and Milan, amongst others.  His work has been exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum, Museo de la Ciudad de México, Museo d'arte Contemporanea Roma,  The American Visionary Museum in Baltimore, and the Long Beach Museum of Art, to name a few.  A collection of his work, “It Feeds Itself,” was published in 2003, followed by a book based on his solo exhibition “Who Are Parents?” in 2005. White's first important monograph – an extensive survey of his work – is scheduled to be published and released by Rizzoli in 2015.



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